ariana_08_08 (ariana_08_08) wrote in vaginapagina,

Needed to share: Squirting


It took me a while to discover orgasms, I was 21 when that happened, and only with toys. But when I finally learned to do it, it has been through outside stimulation only.

About a year ago I spent a lot of money on a toy, but that was also about the same time I discovered that fingers work just as well as toys, with less clean-up and a lot quieter (I live in a student apartment with thin walls so quiet is good).
But now I took the toy out, charged it, and I am now in bed with small wet spots going from me to about 40 cm away from me.

I sweat a bit and it could always be sweat, but the spots are usually under my knees and arms, not in a almost straight line away from me and my private parts, in the middle of between my feet.

I have never been able to orgasm with anything inside before, and it was different, but good.

I read recently that squirting is peeing, that recent studies show that it is actually pee. But then again a while before that I also read that the fluid coming out does contain some urea and come from the bladder, but is not pee.

I am kind of mind blown right now, but I do wonder is the spots pee or "squirt"?
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