queenofthesmoke (queenofthesmoke) wrote in vaginapagina,

Uncomfortable watery discharge

So yesterday was two days since ovulation. I woke up with some uncomfortable watery discharge, like my pants always feel kinda wet and things don't feel quite right. There's no itching, very minor discomfort (the discharge makes me feel kinda raw), no smell, no redness, it tastes pretty sour.

I've had this before and usually all results come back negative for yeast, by etc. What is odd is I haven't had it for two months and now it's randomly back. The only things I can think of is that I masturbated last night (only fingers and coconut oil as usual) and didn't properly clean afterwards. I'm not fretting as I know it will eventually go but I'm annoyed as I thought I'd kicked it.

Anyone have any thoughts or also experienced this? Thanks!

Edit: Should add, last time after a more indepth testing I came back as negative for everything but strep b. Could this be the strep b going away and then coming back again??
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