sawyerlove (sawyerlove) wrote in vaginapagina,

Sore nipples but not breasts?

Hey all. I've been noticing for the last few days that my nipples are unbelievably sore. My actual breast was a little sore in the pie shaped slice leading from my armpit to my nipple for a day or so but that's gone away. I've never had this happen before. Of course, when I looked it up online I got information telling me that either I had a rare cancer of the nipple or that I was pregnant. Now, I did just take myself off Nuvaring. My period started 4/16 (it was two days late). I was supposed to insert a new ring 4/19 but opted not to. This lovely symptom started Tuesday, 4/28. I am having unprotected sex as well. If I'm pregnant, so be it but that's not really what I'm asking. Have any of you had this happen? Could it be ovulation or just adjusting to new hormone levels? Is there anything else it might be? I have an OB appointment on the twelfth but I'm driving myself kind of crazy so I figured my wonderful VPers might be of some insight on the matter.
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