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Background on me: 31, female assigned at birth, FtM (I don't ever plan on surgeries for various reasons. Chest if anything, nothing else.) on T since August 2011 I plan on quitting in a year or two to avoid health problems.

Anyway so I have been spotting for a while now, my doctor seems to think its nothing serious and probably because its prime-baby-making-time and my body is doing a thing. I've noticed I get super emotional during my faux periods and get some horrible cramps (bless having Oxys left over from another surgery I had on my foot when they get super bad). I just wanted to know if anyone else (on T or other wise) who had this happen. Oh my god these emotions are terrible. Its probably added on with the fact I lost my 13 year old cat to liver cancer a few weeks ago. I'm just up and down, and highly hormonal.

They did check my red blood cell/hemoglobin count and it was high, so they took a pint of blood from me a week or so ago. Which while, yeah, that was making me feel foggy, that's kind of cleared up now.

I am seeing a new doctor soon who's treated trans people longer than my old doctor (she's leaving per practice) So... maybe she'll know what's up.

I'm not dysphoric at all about names of things my body parts so no worries about using safe words (it's my body I don't care if I gotta vagina. u_u It makes me feel nice things sometimes hahaha and other times I think it's trying to murder me Like Right Now.) I just.. I spent 27 years hating myself and I'm kind of done doing that.
Tags: trans-issues
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