The New Bubble Girl (banyangirl1832) wrote in vaginapagina,
The New Bubble Girl

Did I give myself HSV-2?

Hi superstars! I'm gonna stick this behind a cut as it deals with STIs (HSV in particular) and I don't want to trigger anybody.

I have HSV-1, which manifests in me as ocular herpes. I have flareups periodically, and I take valocyclovir (an anti-viral medication) whenever I do, usually for five to seven days. I had a flareup this past Sunday, so I started taking the anti-virals. Last night, I had sexy times with my SO and touched my vulva (and clitoris) without washing my hands first. I never usually have any kind of sexual activity (not even masturbation!) while on the anti-virals, so of course I'm paranoid now that I managed to give myself HSV-2. But given the fact that I was already on the meds for a few days, this seems relatively unlikely (my symptoms stopped after I took my first dose). Is this something to be concerned about?
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