amanda (bambiblake007) wrote in vaginapagina,

could it be hormonal after all??

i've been having a low-sex drive for a while now. i think it was bc of my medication possibly (i just started prozac at the 1st of the year) at my exam i spoke with my gyno about my low-sex drive and how it worried me and he asked me if i had been having a regular period. i answered yes bc i had been having a regular period. soo he said it probably wasnt hormonal. the thing is, i had 2 periods in feb and nothing since.

hubby said it was probably bc of my stress levels and stuff since this happened a couple yrs ago to me too and when i was under a lot of stress i missed my period for about 5mons. this all fine but i'd like to have my period bc 1.) that worries me and makes me think something is wrong with me and 2.) without a period idk i just feel like less of a woman ::shrug::

i'm thinkin about goin into c my gyno next month if nothing changes. i'm goin to let him kno wat's goin on and hope he will have answers for me bc he told me that if it wasnt hormonal then well i'd just have to wait out and c wat happens. i think i told him i had started new meds, i can't remember.
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