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Failed Ablation

So I'm sitting here in tears and I don't know what to do.

I've had heavy periods all my life, and they come on full strength with no warning at all. Like, ruin-the-furniture strength. And as I get older (I'm 41) they're becoming increasingly irregular. I have to wear full protection most days each month because I don't know when my period will arrive.

I can't make plans to go to the beach, or anywhere where there won't be easy access to a lavatory and disposal facilities. Next December, I have a one-off chance to go to an amazing place in the world - but even the menstrual cup isn't going to be a great solution to my problem in the middle of an ice sheet. My doctor has said he'll give me tablets to delay my period, but he has warned me that taking those pills has a cost of 3 months extra unpredictability afterwards. (He has already given me some of those to trial, but I'm struggling to face 3 months of my biology being even more problematic than it normally is.) Anyway, I'd like to find a better solution because of the impact this is having on the rest of my life, not to mention finances.

So, planning ahead, I had an ablation done. A month on, and here's my period again. Late, no warning, and soaking through my pants.

Some history - I was on Depo for a decade, but I was taken off it eight years ago because of the bone density risk; I don't have density problems myself, but I'm pretty sure no-one will put me back onto it now. I was denied even short-term oral contraception to manage the restart of my periods when coming off Depo because of raised blood pressure - and maybe my age? - at the time. (I was lucky; my periods did restart full strength with no warning, but thankfully I was at home at the time.) From what I was told then, any pill strong enough to regulate the timing of my periods would be unsuitable for me and would not be prescribed.

So what do I do now? Has anyone here had an ablation redone? Did it work? Did your insurance cover it? What are my other options? I've researched IUDs, and the choice seems to be between Paraguard (which makes periods extra-heavy) or Skyla/Mirena (which makes them extra-unpredictable). Some people talk about the patch stopping periods if you wear it continuously; but I don't know whether my age will exclude me from that as well, and I don't know if it gives you unpredictable breakthrough bleeding the more you do it, as I believe some continuous methods do.

I would be so grateful for any advice anyone can give me. Thank you.
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