in_thegreenroom (in_thegreenroom) wrote in vaginapagina,

Bleeding after cryotherapy

Hi everyone!

Exactly 10 days ago, I had cryotherapy to treat CIN 1 dysplasia on my cervix. The procedure itself went smoothly, and there were no surprises in the days afterwards.

Today I started bleeding a bit. It's fairly light, maybe like a step beyond "spotting," and pink/red, not brown. I'm also on day 23 of my cycle. My periods have been coming at 21-23 days over the last few months, so I'm right in that window.

So I have no idea whether I'm having bleeding because of the cryo or if I'm on my period. I've been a little moody lately, and last week I broke out along my jaw, so I kind of felt like my period was coming. But my period usually starts with a day or so of brown spotting and then profuse, clotty bleeding.

If you've had cryo, what was your experience? I've heard that bleeding 10 days or so after the procedure isn't out of the ordinary, since the "scab" formed during the procedure usually falls off around this time. So I'm not excessively concerned, just kind of confused. Can your periods change after a medical procedure like this?

For the record, I'm 29, never been pregnant, and not on hormonal birth control. This was my first abnormal pap. 
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