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Question on sex


I asked this in the app, but can't find the post here on safari, and no one answered, so I try again.

Sorry about the lenght of this, but I could really use some advice and answers, so please bare with me.

After 23,5 years I finally found a great guy that I wanted to be with.

We have had two nights, one with penetrative sex and one with well him giving me oral, I just got to lie there :)

First thing I wondered about, during penetration, any advice on what to do with my arms and legs? I did not feel like anything was natural to do, have read that doing nothing is bad, so I tried, but nothing really felt right. And advice?

How long does the actual PIV part really last, I thought I read sonewhere that it is in reality only about 5 min, and that porn is making people insecure about themselvs. He said he orgasm quickly, I'd say he lasted about... 2-3 min. He is well 6 months younger than me, and have only had one previos sexual relationship. First is that quick? And will experience make him last longer? I don't really care, I think he would have to be a toy to give me a G-spot orgasm. And any advice on how to tell him it is okay? I did say so, but not sure if he really believed me.

We - well he tried to get me off for 2 hours last night, did not happen, close but no cigar :)
So any advice on how to be able to get over the almost boarder? Anything that can help me to actually get there with him?

And from what I understood from this one male friend of mine, if the girl is on the pill, it is compleatly unreasonable to ask her monagamous boyfriend to use a condom? I am on the pill, but I don't trust that it will keep me from getting pregnant, and I want the condom there. I have not dared to tell him about the pill because of my friend. Is it the common idea that if she is being safe, then the condom is not needen or wanted? Because of him only ever having been with one girl before, I'd say he is free from STDs, and he is my first so, I'm not really worried about STDs only pregnancy.

And one last thing, is it common for men to want to go down on a girl? I'd say he was down there for 1 hour before he gave up and needed to reast his mouth. In my head, guys don't want to do oral on a girl, but I would say he got even more excited about it. So do guys like it?

And anything more I should know? I have tried to google stuff and be prepared, but sometimes people with experience can tell you more.

Thanks for any advice and answerd :)
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