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Last night I was with my boyfriend, and we ended up in bed, and he sort of ended up lying on my right hand (around the elbow/biceps) and I also bent it to hold him close. Not sure for how long, it might have been for about 1 hour. I did not really notice my arm having fallen asleep until after, I was a bit preoccupied with feeling other things :)

When I got up I had real difficulties moving my arm and orienting it. Driving home was hortible (I drive with a stick), I warmed up a bottle with hot water and went to sleep, I though the warm water would open up the blood vessles and give me my arm back.

Now there are still constant pinns and needles in my tumb, of I run my left hand over my tight arm, there is some pins and needles feeling from my wrist to my elbow, and I am ubable to get my biceps to work, can lift my phone up and hold a 1 liter carton for a tiny bit.

But yeah... Kind of don't know what to do now. Mum said to wait and see. I think it has gotten slightly better since last night, but I am not sure.

Anyone ever fell asleep on tgeir arm or had someoneelse lying on it.. Anyone ever experienced this?

I read about carpol tunnel syndrom, it fits except the loss of my biceps. I can't even get my biceps to .. respond, I try and use it and I can't feel any mucles reacting.

So anyone, help?
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