Kira “TheKatLuver” Travis (bookworm2_oh) wrote in vaginapagina,
Kira “TheKatLuver” Travis

Periods, 2months Like Whats GOing On?

Hey Guyz I am having an issue.
It's a few questions mainly but let me tell you whats happening.
 Heres whats happening I've been on a period for the last 2 months give or take a couple days, I don't have pain, I don't have headaches, I don't have mood swings, I don't have cramps in fact I don't really have any symptoms that come with the period. Don't say I'm lucky either because I don't feel lucky. I just have heavy bleeding though. It stopped for 2 or 3 days in the very beginning and then picked right back up again.
 In this time I had been with 2 guys one was protected and the other was not. My period got lighter after i had been with them, but a few days to a week later it swarmed back to Heavy again. My question though is with this amount of extended time would it be easy for me to bruise? I usually do not bruise easy, if at all when I get jabbed or hit something or something falls on my hips or feet, I walk back into something trying to get out of someones way.
 It concerns me. And another question, What can I do to find out Why My cycle is so long or never-ending? Do I need to go get my hormone levels checked, Vitamin levels,... Do I need to do Lab tests? Some Kind of Test? I understand That I can't go have a pelvic exam on a period, so that a reason I haven't mentioned it. But anything you guys have to tell me Is helpful even if you experinced it before I'm just stressing over it a bit I'm pretty calm but idk really its happened before.
 I got put on birth control and I went off it when was having irregular mood swings that were not okay or rationalised and because I couldn't keep up with it about a year later and its been a year since i was last on it, but the doctors didn't check for the causes as to why it was so long other than to just stop the period an regulate it, now its back on like before only I think I bruise way easier now since my period hasn't stopped Am I becoming deficient in some vitamin too?
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