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Goat Friends

Announcement: VP on Hiatus

Hello Superstars,

I'm writing on behalf of the VP Team to let everyone know about the pretty big -- but temporary -- change mangofandango mentioned here.

At 8:00pm EDT on March 16, 2015 (that's about 24 hours from now), VP will temporarily become a moderated community and will not be accepting new entries. VP on LJ will remain closed through that same time on March 30, 2015. At that point, it'll be business as usual once again. Any entries submitted during our two-week LJ hiatus will be rejected (with a copy of this notice) and not posted.

We are taking this step to re-evaluate, re-assess and rejuvenate. The VP Team will be using this hiatus to discuss policy, to discuss focus, and to better equip ourselves to continue to make VP a safe and valuable space. In short, we're doing it because we care about VP.

Because we want our fabulous members to have a part in VP's "renovation," we encourage you to visit contact_vp to leave us your honest and helpful feedback. A post will be available for your helpful comments on Saturday, March 28. Be advised, however, that although we plan to keep an eye on CVP, we don't plan to respond to non-urgent situation until after VP on LJ re-opens. We also encourage you to use CVP in the meantime to contact us regarding any comments on current entries that need our attention.

We care deeply about our members, and want you to know that we're taking this step to help you. It might seem scary, but remember that not all VP resources will be out of your reach! You can always make use of the links on the VP on LJ sidebar (accessed through the community main page), VP on LJ's tagged posts, and our VP community on Dreamwidth.

We thank you in advance for your understanding and assistance, and we look forward to re-opening the community on March 30th!

¡Vulva la revolución!
For the VP Team

Edit 3/16 -- Just confirming that VP is now set to moderation -- and will be closed to new entries for the next 2 weeks.
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