acs80 (acs80) wrote in vaginapagina,

endless yeast infection + boric acid question

Hi there!

So, I appear to have a yeast infection from hell that's pretty much unconquerable. Went to the gyno last month after having classic yeast infection symptoms a few days after my period - she diagnosed me with a YI and gave me diflucan (two doses, taken 72 hours apart) plus a topical ointment, which together cleared up the infection for the most part in about three days. I say "for the most part," because there was still a slight bit of discharge lingering after the treatment, but it wasn't irritating to me, so I just didn't pay attention to it. But then this month, same thing! A few days after my most recent period ended, the YI started up again. Went to my general practitioner this time, and she said that yes, it looked like yeast again (i.e. not like herpes or STDs - and I did have a blood test to confirm that there are no STDs). So I'm using another topical ointment, but it's not helping yet. I also tried a one day Monistat and it did nothing. What the hell? Has anyone else dealt with such a persistent yeast infection? I've lost some weight and really upped my exercise lately (running about eight miles a day), which has made my period a bit lighter. Plus, I've been drinking more caffeine and alcohol lately (not a lot of either, but more than I used to, which was almost none). I'm wondering if the yeast infections have to do with a slight hormonal imbalance plus the increased consumption of caffeine and booze?

I'm going to see my gyno tomorrow, and I'm guessing she's just gonna give me more Diflucan, which doesn't seem to really knock this entire infection out. So I'm thinking of trying boric acid capsules as suppositories. I bought boric acid on amazon and veggie gel caps and plan on making them tonight. Lots of people have written anecdotal advice on amazon about how to use boric acid, but I figured I'd turn to the experts here. Any advice on best practices in using boric acid capsules as suppositories to get rid of a yeast infection? I'd be really grateful for your insights!

Thank you very much in advance for the help!!!!
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