queenofthesmoke (queenofthesmoke) wrote in vaginapagina,

Strep B!?

Hi all,

In the never ending saga of What's Up With My Vagina And Why Do I Have This Clumpy White Discharge, I recently got some test results back with no findings of thrush, BV, Trich or even any sign of Cytolytic Vaginosis. The only thing that came back was Strep B, which I had never even considered and no other doctor had either!

I've been given two weeks of erythromycin to knock it out with the assurance that women with this problem have found this works, but after considering myself a recurrent thrush victim for so long, I'm frightened to take them for fear of actually giving myself my worst nightmare (that is, actual recurrent thrush.)

Does anyone have any experience with strep b overgrowth of the vag? What were your symptoms and was treatment successful?

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