jenna4444 (jenna4444) wrote in vaginapagina,

Lichen Sclerosus

Editing to add at the beginning: Please stop suggesting Clobetosol. Like I said, I am allergic to Clobetosol. I'm sorry that some of you have this condition, but I'm glad you've found relief through Clob. But please please stop.

Does anybody here have lichen sclerosus? I've been dealing with itchy vulva and the surrounding area for months. I first went to doctor in November thinking it had something to do with the dry weather and menstrual products. My doctor noticed the white patches in the area and I asked if I always had them, and I said yes, so she kind of dismissed them. Anyway, she couldn't diagnose me with anything specific but prescribed clobetasol steroid cream. Buuut I was allergic to it. I went back and got Triamcinolone instead, which thankfully, I was not allergic to. Things got better for a while, but now I almost feel worse.

I'm going to the doctor this week to ask her about lichen sclerosis. But in the meantime, can anyone answer a few questions?

-My white skin looks a LOT like the pictures I've seen on google images of what lichen sclerosus looks like. Could something else be causing it?
-Since I'm allergic to clobetasol, is there a likelihood that I'll be allergic to other strong steroids? Like I said, Triamcinalone cream did not cause me problems. I've also taken oral steroids when I had mono and my tonsils wouldn't go down.
-And anyone who has lichen sclerosus, how are you managing it? Has the itching cleared up? Are you back to "normal?" I see that there's no cure for the condition, but treatments are available. I am just so so sick of feeling awful!
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