estrellafugaz85 (estrellafugaz85) wrote in vaginapagina,

Hi everyone,

I had an ultrasound on my ovaries a while back, but couldn't get an appointment to discuss the results of it until 2 weeks from now.

I'm very anxious and have no idea what's going on with my body. I started investigations for PCOS back in 2010 because of pelvic pain, excess hair and acne. I was found to have polycystic ovaries, but my hormone tests came back normal and I was told I was fine and to stop worrying. My periods were normal and regular, and that was encouraging. I then went on the pill Cerazette for several years, which stopped my periods completely. I came off this last April and had pretty regular periods after that, until around November when things started to be weird. My November/December periods were only 21 days apart, then December/January about 25 days apart, January to February 27 days, and I still haven't got my period this month. Today is day 29 since the start of my last period. What's going on? I have started an anti-depressant for anxiety (Citalopram) and some Googling has shown that lots of women are saying it affects their menstrual cycles, but my doctor told me it's too early for that as I've only been on it a week and a half, and that it's more likely PCOS (even though she told me I didn't have PCOS before!)

Also, the ultrasound tech told me one ovary is 'functional' and the other is polycystic - what does that mean? Last time I was scanned, both ovaries were polycystic, but as far as I understood, they were functional, as in I was ovulating and getting my period every month. Is it better or worse that only one looks polycystic now?

So confused!

BTW - I had (protected) sex in mid-January and got my period in February - there's no way I could be pregnant, right? The ultrasound tech would have seen it and told me?
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