mamabunny82 (mamabunny82) wrote in vaginapagina,

Uterine cancer?? Losing my mind!

Im 33, normal BMI, no uterine cancer history in family, don't drink, don't smoke, got pregnant without even trying (guessing I'm very fertile)two natural childbirths (2010 & 2012) heavy periods w/ extremely bad cramps, had transabominal ultrasound and it showed slightly thickened uterine lining and I'm spotting lots of bloody mucus after my period and into my "fertile window" and then it stops. I'm due for a gyno visit in four days but I'm consumed with the fact that it might be uterine cancer. I can't eat or sleep and my anxiety is through the roof!! Please help! Any similar experiences or thoughts would be so helpful.

Thank you!
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