Rachel. (lovediscomfort) wrote in vaginapagina,

Questions about dry/peeling/shedding labia? Not sure why.

So, for a few months now on and off I have experiences what seems like my labia shedding. Skin just peels off and sometimes creates little sore cracks, or areas where the skin has just come of so much that it's sensitive/raw feeling.

I thought at first it may be recurring yeast, especially because I am doing long-term antibiotic treatment, but I take heavy duty probiotics and don't usually test positive for yeast! And when I get a yeast infection there is much more itching, discharge, and discomfort. The area that is affected is simply my outer labia/the area above and around my clitoris. Not directly around it but the larger part that extends up to where my regular skin/pubic hair begins. This also occurs while I'm bleeding which I have been for 2 weeks, but when I have yeast bleeding always clears it up.

There is almost no itching at all, unless it starts to heal, in which case if I scratch it, it will peel again. The only thing that seems to help is putting coconut oil on it regularly. I also tried vitamin D oil, but I ran out. It seemed to help a little. It's simply uncomfortable because it's like raw, peeling skin. It started sometime after my first Depo shot, so I associated it with that, but I have been off of it for a month (or, my last shot was due a month ago and now I have the copper IUD). If it is associated with that, why would that be the case? Less vaginal lubrication? How can I fix it or help it? It's driving me insane. I have no itching near or inside my actual vaginal opening. No dryness there either. I also have some dryness around my, well, anus. It's not extreme and I can't see it but I can feel it sometimes.

I am also on Lamictal. I know this can cause extreme skin dryness but I am doing and taking everything I know how to help it, and I'm getting tired of this. Sex does not hurt as long as I am lubricated (I use coconut oil to keep myself lubricates and mosturized--I'm allergic to everything else), I don't stretch or let that area get dry. And I only have sex once or twice a month because of a long distance relationship.

I am also STD free and so is my partner. But my vulva was never like this and I feel gross, uncomfortable, and worried something is wrong. My doctor has said she doesn't think it's serious and should go away but it hasn't and it'/ really bothering me. Looking for advice or similar stories. Thank you.
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