messybeaches (messybeaches) wrote in vaginapagina,

STIs & Oral (& a Diva Cup experience)

I gave a urine sample last week for a Chlamydia & Gonorrhea test*...the problem is that I've always had protected intercourse, but I've given unprotected oral. How likely is it that I could be infected in my throat and it won't show on the urine test? Should I go back and get a throat swab? Why don't healthcare providers ask about this? I know Chlamydia and Gonorrhea are asymptomatic for a lot of people, but is it more likely to be symptomatic if it's your throat that's infected? I've never experienced a sore throat after giving oral, or anytime soon after. What happens if you don't get treated for a throat infection? I plan on going back soon for a Pap smear and to ask about my vaginal septum that I posted about not too long ago.

*I originally went to the clinic to get the diva cup removed from my vagina and she asked me if I wanted to take advantage of any other services since I was already there. Anyways, I highly recommend becoming well acquainted with the height of your cervix before using a menstrual cup. I didn't realize just how high mine was and I paid the price. Also, widen the holes on the diva so you don't wind up with it death gripping your cervix. It would have worked perfectly for me if not for my cervix. Easy insertion, no leaking, comfortable...just too short.
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