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Catalina Royce

Sneaky YI?

Hey VPers!

Last time I posted was a while back, also (if memory serves) about a YI. Since then have had one or two but easily controlled and got into the routine of managing them with the advice you guys gave me.

Cue January. I go home to Australia for Christmas and the week I come back to the UK, I have my period. Normally I skip periods (on birth control) for both personal preference and medical reasons (endometriosis), but it was probably around the time I needed to have one anyway. And that's when the problems started.

Problems started while I was on my period, and they've been continuing ever since. Initial symptoms were itchy, swollen vulva and while there wasn't a noticable change in discharge, there was skin coming off to the touch when itched (similar to bits of toilet paper if they get left behind). I treated for YI with clotrimazole cream as in the past this was sufficient. Week and a half later when symptoms still there, went and got a pessary from the chemist and used that.

Went to the doctor a week later - partially because the lack of discharge meant I wasn't certain it was a YI -  and she prescribed the over-the-counter fluconazole pill, which I took. I was also treating with clotrimazole this whole time. They also swabbed for thrush and while they were there did an STD test and a pap smear.

When I called for the results a week later, was informed that I did not have thrush. Thinking perhaps I'd just been over-reacting, I cooled it on the clotrimazole in case it was my skin reacting to the medicine. Things were okay for a week or so but having just tried to have sex, things are definitely not all fixed.

This morning when I woke up the vulva was slightly itchy but thought it was worth trying anyway (it's been a month, I was feeling optimistic). Vulva has been on the dry side since all of this started - if anything I would say there is less discharge than normal, not more.

Anyway, there is clearly a small tear towards the base of the vulva - which I have been aware of off and on but thought had healed - and pain on  the left side of the vulva at the entrance to the vagina during penetration (more of a raw type of feeling so definitely related to the skin). We used Virgin Coconut Oil as lube so I think that helped but I am getting frustrated now - a month and a half feels long enough to put up with something that should be treatable in a week, even if the symptoms are not that severe on a day-to-day basis.

Here are my thoughts:

  • The water in London is really hard and I have skin issues with it all the time, whereas in Australia I never had any sign of eczema - is this just an extension of that and should I therefore just make sure to moisturise - and would Bepanthan be an acceptable moisturiser for this?

  • Is this just a sneaky YI that is being sort-of treated but keeps coming back? Is that why symptoms are not the same as in the past (no discharge, etc)?

  • Have I treated the YI but still have issues with irritated skin following the medicine?

  • Is it worth just going back to the doctor and telling them something is still wrong?

  • I am probably going to have another period this month as they have helped control YIs in the past, however the sanitary napkins over here are scented and plastic-y, which I feel doesn't help the issue either. Does anyone know a good brand I can use?

  • Assuming general agreement is that it's a YI, and I want to move away from the over-the-counters since they don't seem to be working, should I use Virgin Olive Oil? Garlic pessaries? Bepanthen? Should I ask my doctor for a stronger treatment (if there are any?)

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