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BV or just an unbalanced flora?


So I've been having a lot of issues down there for a while it seems. It all started last September 2014 when I had a yeast infection.

I took OTC medication as per the walk-in clinic doctor after getting swabbed. It went away for 2 weeks, then came back. I took another OTC as per the walk-in clinic doctor again. It went away for 1 month, then came back after my period. In November I saw my family doctor who took another swab and test me for STDs. She said that from what she saw after examining me that it seemed more like BV than YI so she prescribed me with antibiotics. It went away, but came back 1 month later. I saw her again, she confirmed that my swab came back negative for BV the 1st time but said sometimes it doesn't show up on swab tests. She prescribed me with the same thing again. That was in December.

It went away, then just before my period in January, I had symptoms again, it's always the same itching/burning with watery discharge, I examine myself and my vulva is clearly irritated and very red. I decide to avoid the doctor and take OTC for yeast infection. The symptoms go away within 2 days.

Last Thursday, 3 days before my scheduled period. Symptoms are back again. I go ahead and take another OTC oral YI pill since it worked the previous month. But this time, the symptoms have not gone away.

I'm still itching and still burning and still have the watery white/greyish discharge. It is not constant, it comes and goes. It seems worse at night. I wash daily with Vagisil body wash that is supposed to help keep a balanced pH and I only wear cotton underwear which I change daily, sometimes even twice a day. I have been with my boyfriend for over 1 year, he has been testing negative. I stopped wearing tampons back in December, thinking that was the problem. Have only been wearing pads.

I've done some research online and many other women seem to often get this recurring problem. I've seen many of them mention that they insert a vitamin C tablet for a few days and it clears away the symptoms and they don't have problems any longer. Others have mentioned acid boric, and others mentioned something called Prevegyne.

I've started taking probiotic supplements but it hasn't seem to help so far. I've started a treatment called Provacare on the weekend, it's available OTC in Canada. But I've also started my period today, so I feel all crappy and messed up down there anyway...

I've never had this many problems in the past before. I would occasionally get a yeast infection once or twice a year but nothing else this major or reoccurring. I've been on birth control for almost 10 years.

Could it be that I'm getting YI/BV symptoms simply because my flora is unbalanced from taking antibiotics often over the last few months?

I'm tired of going to the doctors every months, having to take time off work every time and spending on all these prescriptions that don't seem to work/help me. Can anyone offer any additional information/help/confirmation to what I've read online?

Thanks in advance!
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