slg80 (slg80) wrote in vaginapagina,

So confused?

Hi all!

So I had asked a question on here a few day ago about bleeding during sex and abnormal amount of discharge. Anywho last night during sex I bled again, the blood was bright red and it freaked me out so I called my doctors again and they got me in so I saw my doc today welcome confusion lol She did a pap test and pelvic exam and said there was very little bleeding but a lot of discharge and everything else looked normal. She looked over my test results I had a few weeks ago and said I came back negative for any STI but then she prescribed me a single dose(3 pills) for an STI saying better be safe then sorry, I am so confused? She also ordered a pregnancy test and recheck of my thyroid so I had that done while I was there but don't know the results yet obviously.

She told me not to have sex until she calls me and tbh I don't even want to have sex anymore because I am scared and it sucks because I really do love sex lol but honestly the bleeding is scaring the crap out of me.

Is this normal for doctors to prescribe medications for something they are not sure you have? Can you get false negatives when testing for STI's?
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