Lather, rinse, repeat. (for_fucks_sake_) wrote in vaginapagina,
Lather, rinse, repeat.

Not a YI/BV - no actual diagnosis

I went in for my annual "well woman" exam to a new doctor. Things went fine aside from her stating that my anterior vaginal wall looked irritated. (My pap came back clear, no YI or BV) She gave me an Rx for Metro gel and said to come back in 2 weeks.
2 weeks later, examined, still irritated. She wanted to see me back in another 2 weeks to possibly do a biopsy.
2 weeks later (now a week ago) I was re-examined and no biopsy was done as she wanted to try less invasive treatment first and has prescribed some suppositories.

I had treated myself for what I thought was a YI in late November, and those symptoms are back. I don't hurt, I just feel swollen inside from time to time.

Now here's my question(s):
My dr mentioned she and a colleague believe it could be a Lichen type syndrome. The symptoms of Lichen that I've looked up don't fit me, so does anyone with Lichen have any input?

Also, has anyone had this type of "mystery diagnosis" situation? I don't present with any pain and the swelling feeling isn't bothersome to my everyday living.

Thanks in advance for any input!
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