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scared shitless I have herpes. or is it a yeast infection?

UPDATE - wanted to write an update here for anyone that might be going through a similar situation. So, I think I was dealing with a yeast infection, since after about four days on Diflucan (two pills total, taken 72 hours apart) and using an antifungal cream that my doc prescribed for me, I started to feel a lot better. The fissures all healed and the discharge went away. I also remembered that right before my symptoms got really really bad, I had used Rephresh gel, since I suspected something was a little off down there, and I thought it would rebalance everything (the gel is supposed to restore vaginal PH). The day after using that gel, things started to get worse, which then prompted me to use a one-day Monistat, and then after that point the whole situation started to kind of spiral out of control. Anyway, I bring this up because I spoke to my doc again and told her about using the Rephresh and she said that that stuff is a MAJOR irritant for a lot of women, and if I already had a low grade yeast infection and skin irritation, it could have definitely pushed me over the edge and made me feel much worse. I also read some of the negative amazon reviews on the product and several women said it caused them to develop a yeast infection. So I think my yeast infection from hell that I thought was herpes was actually just a small little infection that then become exponentially worse over a few days with the combination of Rephresh and Monistat. At least I'm hoping. I asked my doc if she had any concern at all about herpes and she said no, not at all - that it was a classic YI. Hopefully all this will help anyone here who's going through something similar!


OK, the title says it all. Was dating a guy for a month, we just broke up. We had sex one single time, and it was without a condom, after we both had STD tests. That was about 20 days ago. About a week ago, I got a bad cold right after finishing my period, and at around the same time, I developed several symptoms that felt like a yeast infection, namely, vaginal irritation and some white discharge (no smell). I have no blisters but some of the tissues on my vulva have become very irritated and raw and have led to some small fissures. The fissures are located mostly around my vaginal opening (where I think most of the discharge is "draining") and around the perineal area. There is a little bit of itchiness from time to time, and burning when I pee and the urine hits the raw skin/fissures. None of the symptoms are severe. I used a one day Monistat a few days ago but the symptoms persisted.

So I went to the doctor three days ago. She must not know how much of a hypochondriac I am, since she told me before checking me out, "the two main things that can cause this kind of irritation are yeast infections and herpes." HERPES?!?! So now that's all I can think about. As soon as she started the pelvic exam, she said it looked definitely like yeast, and that she saw none of the telltale signs of herpes. She took a swab of the discharge and said she would test it for yeast and BV, but that the test might be thrown off because I used that Monistat two nights ago.

The test results came back two days and they were negative. So ever since, I've been freaking out. I was hoping and praying that they would show positive for yeast. Does this mean I have herpes? What are the odds I got it from having sex once, for like 5 minutes, with this man? It was dark in the room, I didn't see his penis, I have no idea if there was anything weird on there. I'm worried because the irritation/symptoms started right when I got a cold, and I've read that the first herpes outbreak can be accompanied by flu like symptoms (although what I had was not flu-like, it was cold-like; I had no body aches or fever or anything). I am also experiencing some minor menstrual-type cramping in lower abdomen and back, but I have an IUD and often get random cramps. My period was also a little weird last month (I lost a bunch of weight rapidly from stress) and am wondering if my hormones are out of whack as a result, causing the mild cramps. But of course in my worried mind I keep telling myself that the cramps are somehow related to herpes. I was googling herpes symptoms but finally had to stop because I was scaring myself. I saw that discharge can be a herpes symptoms, but is it that white clumpy discharge that you get with a yeast infection? Because that seems to be what I have.

The factors that make me think it could be yeast infection are:

- I've been working out and not always showering/changing right afterward (but this is not new for me, I've always done this)
- Been drinking a lot more caffeine (this is new; usually drink decaf)
- Stressed (also not new for me, always stressed)
- Started right after period
- discharge is white, kinda "clumpy"
- no lesions/bumps/blisters

The factors that make me suspect herpes:

- Had sex once with a guy with no condom (after STD exam, though herpes was not tested for)
- Irritation seemed to coincide with a cold
- I have some mild menstrual-type cramping (but I'm not close to ovulation or period)

I'm so scared. Can anyone help? I'm in a total panic. Obviously I would ask the dude if he has ever had any issues with this kind of thing but we kinda broke up on bad terms and I don't even know if he'd talk to me.

My doctor prescribed me Diflucan and a cream and I'm supposed to treat and see if I feel better. I took the first Diflucan two nights ago (so about 36 hours ago) and am maybe noticing some small improvement but no dramatic change yet - the fissures are still there, maybe somewhat improved, and there's still some itchiness.

I have severe health anxiety anyway, and this has thrown me into an awful tailspin. I don't know why my ob-gyn would have mentioned "herpes" before she even started the pelvic exam! I can't get it out of my mind now.

Thank you in advance for your help!!!!!
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