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Tips for vulva health? (esp when sexually active with multiple partners)

Hi VP-ers!

I noticed that sex with other people, especially with casual/multiple partners, seems to throw off the balance of my vagina/vulva bits, or makes me UTI prone. For the past 1.5 years when I was not having partnered sex my vulva was super healthy, smelled good all the time, was wet enough when I needed it to be, perfectly in balance, etc... so I can't help but notice the big difference!

This is pretty duh, I know! but I am also seeking reassurance that this isn't inevitable?

In addition to the ~bacteria, germs, etc~ that all humans carry, I'm guessing that sex in general (or even masturbating) probably makes my vulva parts more prone to irritation because of rubbing, friction, etc? And I feel like when I'm rubbing my clit I am also rubbing my urethra, so it makes me paranoid that I'm making myself more prone to UTIs. I'm also always feeling sore/raw after sex, especially if it's rough, and because I only started having PIV sex 1 month ago.

These are the things I am consciously doing/trying to do:

  • Making sure partners are "clean" and have good hygiene: when I had a regular partner I felt more comfortable asking him to always make sure his genitals were clean before sexytimes, but now with one night stands and casual partners it's harder to enforce that. But I also know that I SHOULD make my needs known, and I can always suggest showering together, etc. So, *working on this!*

  • Peeing after sex

  • Taking cranberry, d-mannose supplements daily. Just started this week!

  • "Syringing" my vagina with a dilute ACV solution when I notice things are starting to smell a little "off" (unfortunately, it always seems inevitable after sex)

  • Taking a good probiotic supplement daily

  • Eating well, keeping hydrated. I'm vegan, and try to stay off processed foods as much as possible, so I don't really have a problem in this regard, I think.

  • Checking for smegma that gets caught in my labia folds and can be the cause of "off" smells

I'm suspect that I have a UTI now because my urethra is kinda tingly, and I might go see the doctor for that, and I am also getting STI testing next week...

TLDR: Knowing that having sex with someone is gonna throw my vulva health off-balance is kinda sad. I want to know if there are ways I can lower the likelihood of getting BV or UTIs. All tips and advice are appreciated, TIA! :-)

Edited to add: I have IBS with diahrrea, so it does make me more prone to UTIs. I just recovered from my first UTI in years and it was from e.coli bacteria, so I think sex or something else got the bacteria into my urinary tract.
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