neumeindil (neumeindil) wrote in vaginapagina,

Quandry: birth control.

Trying to be succinct, so these are bullet points.

-Thanks to weird refill laws in NY state, I'm out of birth control pills a month early.
-The office that issued the last prescription is not a place I'd like to go back to (long drive, and I don't like that the NP is overly fond of pap tests.)
-My PCP moved back to Isreal; because of weird insurance changes in NY I owe his office $300 (coverage gap).
-My OB/GYN has never written me this Rx before; I've seen him twice for an ongoing cyst problem. But, because of aforementioned insurance changes in NY I owe his office $580 (and have filed a grievance with the state, which is pending).
-Both of those bills are collections-ready (if not already there) because I've been "restructured" out of my job.
-I have some Nuvaring in the fridge that I got filled but never used. My husband says he doesn't want me to go back on that, even for a few days while the insurance gets worked out, because I have no sex drive while I'm on it. He also sites increased irritability and mood swings. At the time I was on it, though, I was finishing my undergraduate and responsible for our reptile business by myself for 5 days a week while he worked with a 2 hr. commute.
-However, I'm having an increase in cyst activity and break through bleeds on the daily pill I've been taking.

Do I:
1) Call the OB/GYN, explain the grievance situation and ask for another month of pills.
2) Call the clinic with the NP, listen to her complain that it's been a year since my pap test and ask for another month of pills (and be forced into scheduling an appointment I'll cancel later).
3) Say "forget it!" and get condoms to get me through the 10-ish days the insurance may take to sort out, and then talk about a different HBC w/ my OB/GYN?

Any input appreciated. Thanks.
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