taylor_1995 (taylor_1995) wrote in vaginapagina,

New nuvaring user- am I protected?

With my doctor's approval I recently started nuvaring on a continuous 4 week cycle to skip my period. I am supposed to keep the ring in for four weeks and then move immediately to the next ring without a period break. I first began using ring on 12/30/14 and changed it four weeks later on 1/27/15. A few days later I took the ring out on February 2 and fell asleep without it in and did not reinsert until February 3rd, about 12 hours later. I am assuming I should use back up protection for a week but just wanted to make sure I'm not being overcautious.

I have heard of some people using the ring for four weeks in, one week out, rather than 3 weeks in one week out (because the ring technically has enough hormones in for five weeks). My question is since I had the ring in for four weeks and the time which I accidentally left it out for 12 hours was the 6-7th day of what should have been my "ring free" period week in which I normally would be protected anyway, am i covered? Or should I use back up protection for a full week?
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