tinyroses72 (tinyroses72) wrote in vaginapagina,

Possible pregnancy scare?

My boyfriend and I usually have sex with condoms but about 2 weeks ago we didn't. He pulled out and did not finish inside of me at all- just to clarify, i am not on birth control and had my period the week of the 14 th i believe. The day after my period ended we had the unprotected sex. The next morning, my boyfriend was really nervous that he could have messed up. He usually pulls out before he's going to finish like a few minutes before. He bought the morning after pill, then I didnt take it (long story we got into a whole argument about it) now here I am worried that i may be pregnant. Now this could be my imagination, but iv had an increased appetite as well as sore breasts and constipation. Is it too early to be expieriencing this? What do I do now??? My period usually comes around the 18th and I cant see my doctor until march 10th
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