estrellafugaz85 (estrellafugaz85) wrote in vaginapagina,

Spots on panty line

Hi everyone,

I hope it's OK to post again - I posted recently but on a different topic. I had sex about a week and a half ago and am a little concerned about some bumps on my panty line. I did shave the day before the sex - not my whole vulva but a bit at the sides (towards the panty line I guess, and around the vaginal opening) which wasn't the brightest idea.

I was at the clinic anyway for a pap smear 2 days ago and asked the doctor to check out the bumps - she did and she said they were nothing - definitely not herpes or warts. But as I still felt irritation today, I checked and one of them seems to have a head (can't see whether it's a blister or a whitehead) and there's another raised red bump near it. They are right in my panty line mostly. I had irritation there on both sides - on the left side I had a wide red line which looked like chafing (which had disappeared by this Monday) and on the right side these small bumps/redness. There's also a small area of redness/irritation (two slight bumps) kind of on my left buttock. Is there any chance they could be an STI? I did shave *near* the panty line but not all over the area where the bumps are, and I'm a bit worried because I've never noticed or experienced this before...but then I haven't ever really shaved that area before. The red line on the other side seemed to be nothing as it just went away, but I'm freaking out a bit about the red bump things. Shaving was a very stupid idea because it was bound to cause irritation/bumps/redness and therefore cause anxiety.

This is not good timing as I can't get out of work tomorrow to go to the clinic and it's closed at the weekend. I was reassured by the doctor last time, but none of the bumps had a head/fluid (or whatever it is) and I hadn't noticed the bumps on my buttock. :(
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