queenofthesmoke (queenofthesmoke) wrote in vaginapagina,

Waxing and yeast infections

I've not been able to find any solid answers about this so maybe you ladies can shed some light!

I'm a recurrent yeast infection sufferer for years and get (or used to get) brazilian waxes for years. I'd never even considered there may be a corellation between the two until now, I have no idea of there's a connection as I tend to get my YIs after sex. I have a brazilian booked for this evening but now I'm wondering if I'd be better off just asking for a bikini (although I really hate to be anything but almost bare) as I've successfully held off a yeast infection for the past month with probiotics and ocassional boric acid.

Has anyone any experience with brazilians contributing to yeast infections? Or am I worrying over nothing?
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