Free the West Memphis 3! (die_fledermaus) wrote in vaginapagina,
Free the West Memphis 3!

Diva Cup with heavy flow and clots

Hi all - I have a history of heavy and irregular bleeding, but I am having a particularly heavy, ridiculous cycld. I'm on Linessa (the pill) and I stack them so I in theory don't have any periods at all, but for some reason, I am experiencing Niagara Falls right now. I've been bleeding for 8 days, very heavily for 4, and I am changing my super tampons every 2 hours and there has been spillage every time. I haven't been using the super plus size because I think they will be too uncomfortable. I am also passing medium (nickel size) to large (quarter size or bigger) clots every 2 hours too. I've been using Depends if I have to be out and about, because when the tampon stops working, the blood spills over the pad, too. (TMI, I know, but this is a period story so there has to be a little of that, right? ;) ) I can't believe I have to use Depends. I've had heavy periods for years but have never had to do that until now. *swallows pride*

So, I went and bought the Diva Cup. I've never used it before. But I was doing some reading and it seems that it may not work well if I'm changing my tampon/pad/both every 2 hours. I have a job where I don't always have ready access to a washroom. So if it starts to overflow and I'm not able to get to a washroom, I'm screwed. And now I'm worried that it's not going to work with the clots either.

I haven't opened the package yet...and I will probably keep it for when my cycle gets back to "normal," whatever that is. I have consulted my GP and we have a plan, but she thinks I need to let this run its course. More Dependa for me I guess. (They're friggin expensive!!!)

Anyway, what do y'all think? Will tbe Diva Cup not work in my situation, with the clots and all?

Thanks in advance!!!
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