tinyroses72 (tinyroses72) wrote in vaginapagina,

psoriasis/eczema in pubic area?

hello vp-
i posted about a week or so ago about a small hive/bump I had in my pubic area. to recap- I saw a raised spot above my clitoris where the two lips meet, but still in my pubic area if that makes sense. like right where my pubic hair area ends the bump was, then right below my clitoris and inside the lips begin ect. so the bump was itchy and I thought it was because my pubic hair was longer than usual. I shaved which usually relieves any itching I have, but it was still there. it was a flesh colored raised spot that looked more like a "patch" or hive...it never was painful or an open sore at all.it honestly wasn't too noticeable i'm just very hyper aware. I looked there today and I see that the spot is gone, but now the spot is all flaky and dry, almost similiar to patches I would see on my scalp..what could this be?? Iv had little areas of dry skin around hair follicles after shaving but it looks different. any ideas?
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