amanda (bambiblake007) wrote in vaginapagina,

i've been OB free for 6mons but --

hey ya'll.
im hsv1+ (genital) and i got on valtrex in june or july and i've been (to the best of my knowledge OB free for about 6mons now!! the thing hubby has had a rash (or wat he thinks is a rash) for a few weeks now right under his ballsack. there's no bumps on his peen or anything tho. and tonite the gf found a bump on the inside of her vag (like right at the lips); she did shave earlier today and used a new soap for it. but now i worry that i've had an OB and not realized it and we've had sex and i've passed it on to them, not meaning to. hubby could go and be checked out by our pcp bc he has work insurance but the gf doesnt have any insurance eventho i told her that my gyno is awesome if she wants to be seen by him..wat do ya'll think they should do?? personally, i think they should go and be seen even if only by an ER physician bc it'd really ease my worry (i have anxiety problems in general) and also it'd confirm to them if they have hsv1 or not and wat our next step should be. thnx.
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