rosie (salgueirinho) wrote in vaginapagina,

Colposcopy....would you complain?

My GP referred me to a gynaecologist because I've been having symptoms for two years. I first saw them last month and they did a swab and pap, a transvaginal ultrasound, which was normal, then they examined my cervix just with their eyes and saw a small red spot...because of this spot they referred me for a colposcopy, which I had today with a different doctor.

I went in and discovered that they'd lost my notes and the new doctor had no idea why I was there, and didn't seem that concerned when I mentioned the red spot.

Then he had to do re-do my pap smear because even though they'd done it in December, they hadn't got enough cells.

Then he did the colposcopy, which took about two minutes. I thought colposcopies are meant to take longer? Even if you don't have a biopsy, surely just the process of looking with a microscope at the vagina should take longer if you do it properly? Just examining me with their naked eyes took longer, and they didn't see that spot straight away.

So losing my notes is really annoying, having to re-do the pap is annoying, but I can live with those mistakes. What I am concerned about is that the colposcopy was SO quick I don't feel reassured that he checked me properly.

Also the swab for infection came back as normal, even though swabs in August showed two infections that I couldn't get treatment for because I moved country before I could see a doctor there, and doctors here wouldn't use foreign test results to give me medication. But I suppose sometimes infections clear up by themselves?

His conclusion was everything is hormonal and I should go on the pill.

So, would you complain? Do you think a colposcopy can be over in two minutes if you don't immediately see anything? Should he have looked harder for that spot they saw before? Everyone told me the colposcopy would take at least fifteen minutes, before the procedure the doctor himself told me it would take five to ten minutes.

I want other people's opinions because I don't know what's right or wrong with colposcopies...I want to trust the doctor to do his job but I just don't feel reassured.
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