giraffelover18 (giraffelover18) wrote in vaginapagina,

Mirena Possible Problems?

Hi lovelies! I'll get straight to the facts. I got my Mirena inserted a little over a year ago. October 2013 to be exact. My periods stopped immediately and while the first week into it was painful, i've had a great experience with it. My doctor did not tell me how to check my strings, so up until tonight i never have, after doing research how to do it. Earlier tonight, me and my fiance did the deed. Nothing abnormal, completely normal and felt no pain, as usual. afterwards, i sat down on the toilet to pee, and there was a fair amount of blood present, and then i started to get major cramping. Considering i havent had a period in over a year, this seemed really odd. I let it go, figuring period. About half an hour later, after researching how to check the strings, I decided to take a warm bath. I did so, checked my strings. and blood was still very well present. Since i have never checked my strings, i have no idea what to look for if its moved. I didnt feel the iud itself, I dont think anyways. But I didnt feel as if anything felt weird, it felt similar to what my research predicted good string placement would be. But this cramping is absolutely excruciating and the bleeding is flowing strong. and its bright red. I dont really know if its the mirena or just getting a period for the first time in over a year. since its been so long, i dont know what to expect anymore. As an extra piece of background info, I did have severe breast tenderness about 3 weeks ago.
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