Silver (i_love_freddie) wrote in vaginapagina,

Nexplanon shifted position

I've had the Nexplanon in for 2 and a half years now, had some issues with side effects but I don't have many options as far as birth control goes. Recently I realised that I hadn't checked it for a while, and when I felt for it, I couldn't find it. When I felt around some more, I finally located it - it has shifted a good three inches. It was inserted near the front of my arm, now it's near the back of my arm and I have to press hard to feel it.

I'm a bit freaked out. Is it normal for it to move that much? And could that amount of movement affect how it is working? I'm not having sex very often at the moment (long distance relationship) but I absolutely cannot get pregnant.

I am also quite concerned about how they are going to get it out.
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