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Low-risk intercourse, looking for reality check

I'm a 27 year-old genderqueer uterus-owner, I do not mind female pronouns but I have no strong attachment to them. I've been successfully using the birth control patch (first Ortho Evra, in the past year its generic version, Xulane) for over a decade now to prevent pregnancy (and other benefits, like not growing the cysts my ovaries are otherwise apparently prone to).

I was recently advised by my gyno that the patch contains well more than the advertised 7 days worth of hormones, and can easily be used 8-9 days at a time in order to have a cycle of 24/4 or even 27/1 instead of the traditional 21/7 days on/off. Per her suggestion, I've been wearing each patch 8-9 days for the past ~6 months or so. It's worked fine as far as I can tell, though I am still a little nervous about off-label use. Today is day 19 of on-time in my current cycle.

The instructions for the patch say to store it at 77 degrees F (25 C), with brief periods between 59 and 86 F (15 and 30 C) being acceptable. This month has been cold enough, and my apartment drafty enough, that I believe my room has dipped below 59 F at times. Meanwhile, I've had a lot of reddish-to-brown spotting/discharge this month. This worried me enough that I asked my partner to please pull out or use a condom the rest of this month if we engaged in piv, but late last night he woke me up in an amorous mood and I guess was too tired to remember to do either, and did ejaculate inside me. This was probably around midnight at the earliest, possibly as late as 3-4am.

I was at the pharmacy when it opened at 8:30 this morning, though finding the OTC EC and trying to figure out whether my insurance covers this (it apparently only covers EC for minors, which I find a bit strange since most minors must obtain a prescription, only 17 year-olds have access to OTC, why would they specify coverage for exactly one year's worth of people?). I took my single dose of Aftera (cheapest one they had, at $40) by 9am.

I am pretty deeply alienated from my reproductive capacity; it's nice that some parts of the system can feel really good, but most of the pieces further inside have tried to kill me at some point in my life. With a sizeable uterine fibroid, I was nearly able to get my uterus removed the summer before last, but despite my objections they figured out a way for me to keep the damned thing, just removing the growth. I desperately do not want to be pregnant, even for a little bit, now or ever. I've never used EC before; I know I'm well within the window of efficacy, and that it's probably quite unlikely my patch failed anyways, but I'm still extremely anxious about the whole thing right now.

Looking for some hard facts, maybe along with a bit of comfort or sympathy. How likely is it that I will become pregnant from this?
I also welcome your tales of EC use, as I'm a little nervous about how the next few days will be symptom-wise.
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