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Anyone with presistant arosal disorder who could prehaps help? Or anyone really?


For about a 1 1/2 year I started having this one sympthom of feeling like I have to pee 24/7. It is only a feeling, and if I ignore the feeling I can have "a normal bathroom life", only going about 5-6 times a day.

I have been tested and treated for BV, yeast infection, UTI, over active bladder. I have had an internal ultrasound, two cystoscopy (one where they put me out because of the pain intensity of the provedure), I have had an MRI, I am this wedensday going to have a prosedure where they test the preassure in the bladder.

The doctors have no clue of whats wrong. I tried the IC diet, and feelt no change.
I am 23 years old, still a virgin, have had no sexual contact (penetration or oral/fingers) so an STD unlikely, but have not been tested (its unlikely, but I know that stuff can happen, soneone has to be the one in a million, bacteria don't die the same second it leaves its environment, which is why fingers during sex can transmitt).

But nobody has a clue of what is going on.

I did when all this started lightly read about presistant arousal disorder, but dismissed it because I can't really say I feel aroused all the time, or pain, just this feeling.
But this "need to pee" feeling can be compeared to the "need to pee" feeling one gets right before an orgasm.

I am still able to have orgasms, and it sometimes feels like it gets worse and better (for a little time) when having one (feel better because everything down there gets hypersensitive and I kind of get a little numb for a little while, and worse after this numb feeling gors away).
It feels like this feeling is comming from right outside the urethra, but somethines it also feels like the clitoris might be involved (but again on the outside, not inside which could indicate the bladder).

I only ever had my first orgasm at age 21, I am a virgin (only doctors have been down there, and that after this happened). The only medication besides ordinary pain medication I have taken is The Pill (mycrogynon and merceleon (can't spell it, been a few years since I used that one)).

I almost never drink alkohol (don't like the taste), I don't drink coffe or tea, I drink pepsi max on weekends, I am sligthly overweight (might be on the line between cubby and fat).

I honestly don't know whats going on, and the doctors have to outrule things by trying everything.

I am asking about presistant arousal disorder because I have found wery little information about it. I guess they don't know too much about it.
But to someone that might be familliar with i, could this be it?
I can't say I feel aroused all the time, but there is that simmaleraty between my feeling and what you feel right before an orgasm.
Is there maybe some degrees of this condition (like ADHD, like you can have some letters but not all of them?).
I have considered this to be some neurological ... something, and I think the doctors might think that too but its better if its not and easier to outrule other things, so they're trying everything else.

I do feel like kegal exercise (not really exercise but flexing the muscle myself) makes it worse (as I said it feels like this feeling is right outside the urethra).

If anyone really have it like this and knows what it is, please share. I am not nececarily looking for a cure (have almost really lost hope on that one), but I would at least like to know what it is, and a cure; almost unthinkeble at the time. I can't really remember not feeling like this anymore.

Thanks to anyone that can contribute :) I would really appreaciate some help.
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