Elial Shadowpine (elialshadowpine) wrote in vaginapagina,
Elial Shadowpine

Condoms, coconut oil, and compatibility with toys.

Also, apparently, alliteration. (Oops, I did it again?)

Anyway, I have a couple partners I'm involved with who are interested in anal play. I have both silicone lube, and coconut oil. I'm asking here vs. googling because I know folks here have talked about this and have a bit more personal experience. As it's anal play, I'd prefer to slide a condom on in order to avoid the need to boil anything, for a couple reasons. One, my fiancee would probably kill me if I used her stock pot to boil toys after anal play, and it's the only pot we have that's large enough (theoretically, I could buy another pot for that only but it seems a bit silly). Two, I'm lazy. :P

So! I know that you can't use silicone lube with silicone toys, which is what I have. I seem to recall that you can't use coconut oil with latex condoms. What I can't remember is, can you use coconut oil with silicone toys? Do polyisoprene condoms count as being too close to latex? They're what is on hand because of my latex sensitivity (which I do not want to turn into a full-blown allergy), and because my soon-to-be ex-partner was large enough that polyurethane resulted in the coinage of the lovely term "lobster dick". Would polyisoprene not work, and I'd need to look at polyurethane to use with coconut oil?

Also, for others with more experience, is it possible to use silicone lube just on the condom, or do things get messy enough that it would probably get on the toy anyway? Can I use coconut oil directly on the toy? (This, I ask more because I have toys intended more for vaginal use, and I'm not as concerned about using condoms on them for that.)

Is there anything I forgot to ask that also is important?

Thanks! Much <3 to the folks here, y'all are consistently awesome. :D
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