Ashley (disturbedme) wrote in vaginapagina,

Getting pregnant on Depo?

Hey, everyone.

I know it's possible to get pregnant while on Depo (the injection), but how possible? I've always been paranoid, so that doesn't help. But I've also been on antibiotics (Minocycline) for quite a while and was wondering if that could cause any issues with the protection of the Depo. I read that most antibiotics don't have the same action on Depo that it does to other BC (do any antibiotics mess with Depo in that way?). But I've been having cramps most of the day (and I haven't had a period while on Depo for a long time; I have spotting from time to time but that's all), so it's just making the paranoia worse. Implantation cramps? But then we just had sex on Wednesday at midnight, so is that too soon for implantation? I have no idea how my cycle works anymore now that I've been on Depo for a couple of years. I used to keep track of my cycle, know when I ovulated, etc. Now, I have no idea when would be the right time to even pee on a stick to check for pregnancy. I assume it's too early for that as well?

Thanks so much for any thoughts/help!
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