whatsherface162 (whatsherface162) wrote in vaginapagina,

Cervix question

So, I think I just felt my cervix. I just finished my period today. I stuck my finger in me and almost the length of my middle finger I feel a lump of tissue. I can move my finger around it. It doesn't feel attached, but my finger isn't that long so I can't get all up in it. Sometimes I don't feel it during other times of the month. So, I was thinking that is my cervix
I'm just surprised it was so...close to my vagina opening? Also, is it true your vagina lengthens during arousal/sex? I knew it stretched width wise, but length too?

Edit: I did some searching on here and saw pics of the cervix. This is so not the idea what I thought it looked like in there!! I thought we had a long vagina and the cervix was at the end and was like a door type thing. (I don't know how else to describe it.) Why are they not teaching us this in school? I'm 29, I should have learned this by now.
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