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Cystex to prevent UTIs?

Hi there!

I wrote a longer post a few days ago about my history with recurrent UTIs, so I won't bore everyone here with the whole thing again, but in a nutshell: about 10 years ago I suffered from chronic UTIs every time I had sex, I was put on a low dose prophylactic antibiotic (50 mg of Nitrofurantoin) to take every time I was sexually active, and that worked well up until a few months ago, when I had a breakthrough infection. Urologist suggested I may have developed a resistance to the antibiotic. I'm just starting a new relationship and am getting ready to have sex with this partner. I'm terrified, though, since I no longer have the antibiotic to use as a preventative, that I'm going to go down the UTI spiral with this new guy and ruin what we have going in the process. As far as I can see, my options are to:

1) try a DIFFERENT antibiotic to use prophylactically (REALLY don't want to go down this route). My doctor prescribed me a new antibiotic, but I'm so hesitant to start it and potentially develop resistance to that one, too. Plus, I've been bombarding my body with probiotics in this little hiatus I've had from sex over the past few months and I'm really hoping that I'm beginning to restore some of my natural gut and vagina flora to balance. I would hate to undo all that by getting back on the antibiotic train.

2) Use a natural supplement like D-Mannose as a preventative immediately before and after sex. In theory I like this idea the most but also am a little nervous about putting all my faith in D-Mannose.

3) Use something like Cystex as a preventative - Cystex isn't an antibiotic per se, but has antibacterial properties (it turns into formaldehyde in the bladder) and the Cystex website suggests that it could potentially be used as a prophylaxis. The good thing about this option is that there's no possibility of building up resistance to this med because it's not a true antibiotic (which also means it doesn't come with the lovely systemic side effects that antibiotics do, yeast infections, killing off all good bacteria in gut and vagina, etc.). The downside is that there's some evidence that formaldehyde may be carcinogenic, so, yeah...that's not great.

I posted a question here a few days ago about the D-Mannose, but I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with Cystex as a prophylaxis for UTI? I'm thinking of maybe using a combination of the D-Mannose and Cystex directly before and after sex to see if that works. Maybe after a few months I can try to eliminate the Cystex and just go the D-Mannose route alone. But I know how damaging UTIs can be for the health of a relationship (they're the reason the last boyfriend and I broke up) and I just really don't want to screw up this new - and really awesome - relationship if I can help it, which is why I kind of want to take extra precautions here.

Thank you so much!!!!
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