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Scared to have sex...frequent UTIs, really want to trust D-Mannose but having trouble.

Hi there!

I haven't posted on this site in a long time, but this has been such a great resource for me in the past, that I'm hoping someone here might be able/willing to help. Long story short: after a history of uncontrolled UTIs (always related to intercourse) about ten years ago, I started taking a low dose antibiotic after sex, which solved the problem for me. Fast forward to about three months ago, when I had a breakthrough infection, which my doctor suggested was due to the fact that I had developed a resistance to the prophylactic antibiotic. Yikes. I believe I'm also becoming resistant to Cipro, so I'm getting very nervous about using antibiotics if I don't have to.

My (now ex-) boyfriend and I ended up breaking up after this last infection, which took several weeks to treat, and now I'm in a new relationship. We're going to have sex soon, and I'm scared shitless that I'm going to get a UTI. My urologist wants me to try to have "normal" sex without the prophylactic antibiotic (which may not work anyway, since I might have developed a resistance to it) and see what happens.

In truth, there was a period about five years ago when I was sick and tired of taking the low dose antibiotic every time I had sex, so I used D-Mannose prophylactically instead, and in that period (about a year and half), I didn't have any infections, if I'm remembering correctly. In the end, I stopped using the mannose because it was getting too expensive, and so I went back on the medication. Probably a bad idea at the time, but I was in grad school and funds were low.

So here I am. I really care about this new person I'm with, and want to be able to just have a normal sex life. I plan to use D-Mannose when we have sex, but I just have so much trouble trusting it. I know all the other drills - peeing before and after sex, wiping front to back, washing...I even went to pelvic floor therapy for a while - but I guess I'm just looking for some anecdotal advice from some of you about the efficacy or value of D-Mannose, just for my own peace of mind? Despite having used it myself in the past, I'm now having trouble believing in it as I anticipate getting back into a sexual relationship. I did read some reviews online at amazon and other sites, but somehow I have trouble trusting stuff like that, too.

Sorry to be such a difficult case here. This is on my mind 24/7 and I'm at my wits' end with the worry.

Thank you so very much in advance!!!
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