i_resistible (i_resistible) wrote in vaginapagina,

Lichen sclerosus

Hey lovely VP peeps.

I'd like to ask anyone out there if they have lichen sclerosus. I went to my doctor today and she said that she suspected that my symptoms of dry, splitting and peeling/sloughing skin around the clitoral region were a mild case of lichen sclerosis. These symptoms have been recurring for me for about 7 years, so I'm just happy to have some kind of answer. At least, I was! I looked this condition up and on various forums, and it seems to be nothing but horror stories and severe cases. For me, the flare ups are limited to my clitoris and hood, and clear up within about 5 days if I put papaw ointment on, maybe 2 or 3 if I use cortisone cream. I usually get a few months break at least (in the past it has gone away for nearly a year) in between flares, too, although I have been quite stressed recently so I guess that's why I have been having them a lot more often. Am I in the minority here? I'm scared that I'm going to turn into one of these frightening stories, as it doesn't sound very manageable for a lot of people. :/
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