dkwgdk (dkwgdk) wrote in vaginapagina,

Have You Gotten Hernias from Sex? (Things I Shouldn't Google)

So a few weeks ago I asked you lovely folks for some ideas about coping with the pain I have during and after sex. When I posted that, I had a small lump on the top right of my pudenda, right where the line of my pubic hair is.  I've had ones before, they're usually the size of a shelled almond and disappear on their own.  I've been told they were cysts or inflamed lymph nodes.

Yep.  So I had sex again that was rougher than I wanted it to be*. Then, over about 24 hours that little almond turned into a lump the size of a whole walnut that was extremely painful, and accompanied by some pretty heavy-duty period-type cramps. I went to the doc because it hurt so much to stand up, and they diagnosed me with a hernia and refered me to a surgeon.  The guy I saw said that it might well go away on its own, but as it's been recurring for me, I might want to get surgery.

I'm just wondering if any of you folks have gotten hernias FROM sex, and what you've done about any hernias if you haven't had surgery.  I've seen a lot of suggestions for Pilates, which is good, but I already do it and I got a hernia anyway.

*My 2015 resolution is that i will not have sex with people who are high because our communication falters.
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