queenofthesmoke (queenofthesmoke) wrote in vaginapagina,

Boric Acid for YI

On the advice of some lovely people who posted recently on my post about recurrent thrush, I decided it was finally time to break out the boric acid. Having had unprotected sex (and drinking a lot of booze) over the past few days with my bf, I was acutely aware of the dreaded yeastie beast that would inevitably strike me down a day or two after. Getting rid of the last bout involved 3 fluconazole caps and about 20 probiotics a day, combined with miserable condom'ed sex for weeks. I had no intention of letting that happen again.

So last night when I got home, in a frantic race against the yeast, I put together a capsule of boric acid and coconut oil and shoved it up my cooch before bed.

And I think it's working...maybe?

I say maybe because I have no idea how the boric acid is supposed to feel. I personally do have a very mild burning/aching feeling (easily forgotten about when I'm busy) now that it's finally dissolved. Is this normal?
Secondly, in terms of long term use and maintenance, how safe is boric acid? I don't really want kidney failure but also if this does work at keeping my recurrent yeastie away then I'm going to be incredibly reluctant to give it up.
Thirdly, since this is my first time with it and I'm warding off a YI that would otherwise be a certainty, should I do this for a few more nights to be sure?

Thank you everyone! I love this place :)

Edit: I tested my hp today with litmus paper and was expected a very orange strip due to the boric acid. Instead the paper has gone vaguely green!? At least a 6 on the scale. I'm assuming this is not good...
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