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Wig making

Hi all,
So this query isn't directly related to vaginas/related anatomy and functions, but this community is full of so many knowledgeable people that I was hoping someone would be able to direct me accordingly. If this post isn't OK then please let me know and I'll happily remove it-the FAQ page won't load right now.
My cousin is undergoing treatment for stage 4 metastasized breast cancer that has spread everywhere breast cancer can spread. She just got a new team of doctors (HUGE improvement over the old) and they are very optimistic that remission is on her horizon with a few tweaks to treatment. She is only 34, so this is wonderful.
However, they are disappointed that her old doctors did 2 rounds of radiation to her brain while her hair was gone from chemo. New docs say the hair may never grow back. She's more concerned with remission than anything else right now, so this is not a current, strong concern for her.
It just so happens that I'm growing my hair out with plans to donate it. My cousin has admired my hair in the past-it has a few strong attributes as far as hair goes. I have said nothing to her yet, but the thought popped into my head; is it possible for me to donate my hair to her and have a wig made specifically for her? Or would this be very high in cost? I have no idea where to look for information; does anyone know or have somewhere they can point me?
It's already past my shoulderblades, so getting a lot of length isn't an issue at all (my guess is this would take a lot of hair for a moderately lengthed wig). This IS assuming that she would want this to happen; I am very open to and OK with the idea that she could decline and have no problem donating to Wigs for Kids as I originally intended. It is completely fine for anyone, regardless of gender, to have no hair or even thinning hair. I'm not trying to suggest otherwise. Just want to explore how real of a possibility this is before presenting the idea to her.
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