whatsherface162 (whatsherface162) wrote in vaginapagina,

Toilet paper allergy? Also, UT I question.

My crotch itches around my vulva and other areas. I'm thinking it's due to certain toilet papers. It also usually happens in the winter time. Maybe dry skin? But around my vulva, wouldn't that stay mostly moist? Does anyone else have this issue with toilet paper?
I've seen the doctor. No infections, no discharge.

Now for the UTT, some days it burns. Also, saw the doctor for this, no infection. I do have dark pee. Can it be just from drinking the occasional soda or not enough water? My main question is, can it burn without having an infection?
I know this may sound gross, but when it comes to peeing, I wipe around my pee hole to the front. I avoid my anus. (When I have a bowel movement, I wipe front to back so I don't get fecal matter around my vagina and pee hole) I don't see anything wrong with this if I'm avoiding my anus. But if there is a problem with this, please tell me! I'd love to learn more. Especially if this is causing my burning problem.
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