B-Ridge (dorkdafied) wrote in vaginapagina,

Hypothetical question

A 32 year old female is diagnosed with ovarian failure and menopause after going without a period for approximately 3-4months then spotting one week and then nothing again. She's never had a child and was on birth control to regulate her extremely abnormal periods -at times they would come every 2 weeks for 2 weeks. Menstruation began around 13 years of age.

She went for a dexa scan that showed she had osteopenia. She had a family history of osteoporosis but she's had good bones most of her life. She had no family history of breast or ovarian cancer.

She's been fairly healthy except 2 years ago when she had a PE found in her lung and was taken off birth control pills permanently. The past few months though, she isn't sleeping well, gained a few pounds, has felt bloated with breast pain /heaviness on most days. She went for her yearly PAP and she had a UTI which she took antibiotics for but it didnt go away after a week so she did another round. An ultrasound 4 months ago showed a cyst and now 4 cysts  (2 on each ovary) from an ultrasound a few weeks ago.

Hypothetically speaking, if this were you or someone you knew, would you be concerned? Does it sound life threatening or could the symptoms be chalked up to menopause and the anxiety of the past diagnoses?

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