Amanda (amandapandapink) wrote in vaginapagina,

Burning, painful sex

My husband and I just started having intercourse after we got married this past September. I can't remember if sex hurt at all during that week of our honeymoon. We had sex every day, and we also used a condom at times.

I went to a Dr. a couple of weeks ago who determined that I had BV, so I used a gel that I guess took care of it, but I'm still getting that burning sensation at times during/after sex. She also tested for some STDs but I haven't heard anything (which she said would mean I'm ok).
I've been on birth control since before the wedding and now I'm also taking an antibiotic for one of my teeth.
The Dr. thought that because of the birth control, maybe I need lube (though hubby thinks I'm still just as naturally lubed on birth control as I was previously), but we tried it anyway and it still hurt.

There have been a couple of times that I can remember when everything is fine until he ejaculates, then there is a burning sensation that lasts about 10-15 mins. The instances vary. Thursday there was penetration but he withdrew and ejaculated. The semen ran down to my vaginal opening and started to burn. Today, we tried a condom (the same ones we used on the honeymoon) and lube. I was getting that burning sensation. He took the condom off. It still felt painful. He wiped himself & myself off and it was fine after that - even when he ejaculated - no burning. It could be the lube this time but how come there was no burning later? I have no idea what to make of this.

He's about average length wise, but he does have quite a bit of girth.
It has never hurt when he first penetrates

I haven't experienced pain with sex *every* time we've done it, but lately it has been frequent.

Is it possible that we're not having sex enough? We might do it once or twice on the weekend, there was one occasion where we went 2 weeks without (he admitted to being worried he'd hurt me, and I was a bit worried it would hurt). During the week is pretty much off limits unless I have a day off and he's up for it after work. We have completely different schedules. He's either going to bed before I get home or already asleep, and he gets up for work after I go to sleep.
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